Large Gold Dipped Amethyst Crystal Cluster with Air Plant

Size Guide

Amethyst are known to bring a meditative and calming vibration to any space. And this stunning and unique gem is sure to bring a little joy along with it!

Perched on top of a gold embellished amethyst cluster sits a delicately wrapped air plant. The plant can be easily taken in and out of the wire to water.

Like humans these crystals and plants are an original. Each one of them will look very different from one another. They truly are one of a kind so please expect some variations.

Please Note: These beautiful little gems may take 1-2 weeks for shipping as we have to cultivate and carefully package them for you.

Product Features:

STONE: 3-4" W x 2-3" L x 2" H

PLANT: 2.5-3" H and 2" W

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