A Grateful Heart is a Miracle Magnet • 20oz. Insulated Coffee Tumbler

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A Grateful Heart is a Miracle Magnet. Studies have shown that people who adopt a daily practice of expressing gratitude, exhibit increased levels of empathy, optimism, joy and vitality.  Anyone can cultivate an attitude of gratitude. No matter where you are in your life or what has happened to you up to this point, you can begin to train your brain for gratitude with very little effort.

The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless and can help us:

  • Lessen feelings of panic, overwhelm and separation by providing us with a different perspective.
  • Open our minds to alternative solutions and possibilities by helping us become more reflective and aware.
  • Create space and opportunity to appreciate what we have and focus on what is good and right in our lives.
  • Feel happier, more loving and more optimistic.
  • Build a stronger immune system through consistent practice of creating positive thoughts.
  • Feel more satisfied, alive, compassionate and connected.

Gratitude is a practice you can begin immediately, without any preparation, tools or prior experience. This book has been designed as a fun and helpful reminder for you to tune in daily, as well as provide you with a quick and easy reference point of things you are grateful for on the days when it feels a bit trickier to access those feelings.

20oz. Tumblers feature stainless steel double-wall construction, vacuum insulated for 2X cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers, removable clear lid and textured sweat-free powdercoat.


  • BPA and lead free stainless steel insulated tumbler with travel lid
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Designed and created exclusively by ©SalmonOlive
  • Manufactured in the US and ships in 5-10 days

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