Receiving Peace - July Coloring Contest

Receiving Peace - July Coloring Contest

With all of the chaos and uncertainty in the world right now... I have been inspired to find new ways to remind people to tune back into their hearts ~ to find love again, and to remember open up to receiving peace.

So the theme for July's coloring contest is based on that. I have created a new peace sign mandala with the hopes that as you color it, you will be reminded to operate from your heart, to always come from love and to bring that out into the world.

You will notice with this peace sign, that I have created it upside-down. That is not by accident, it is on purpose. Its funny, because for as long as I have seen this sign, I have felt like it was facing the wrong direction... so for this piece of art, I have changed that around. I have put the arms extending up, opening to the abundance and love from the Universe. Open our hearts and allow peace, joy and love to enter.

I hope you will join me this July and helping to share the color for peace initiative.


To enter the contest visit and download your materials.

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