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A message from Kristen Webster

Designer, owner and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) at Salmon Olive

At Salmon Olive we believe that for most of us – at the core of who we are – there lies goodness, kindness and hope. We’ve witnessed amazing things and trust that magic and miracles are possible. 

Our creative team plays daily in possibility and knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is more to this life than we understand. We believe in happiness and love. We strive to spread kindness, and know that with a little persistence and ingenuity, each of us can create the life of our dreams.

Our mission is to expand in love, laughter, creativity, health, freedom, joy and possibilities as we inspire and empower others to do the same.  Staying true to this mission has lead us on many different adventures, and it is part of the reason we have created our store, as well as the many different products you will find here.

Everything you’ll discover here has been designed with great care and love to help inspire you and remind you of your greatness. Our deepest desire is to have YOU find and fall in love with the beauty, truth and possibility that you are – because once you do that, we know you’ll go out and share that greatness to help inspire others.

Each month, a portion of our profits go to help others in need and we are always open to suggestions from you about organizations that you believe in.

We want to make it easy for you to spread a little more kindness in the world. So go shop to your hearts content, and let us know how else we can support you in creating your own culture of kindness!

Big hugs and much love,

Your Friends at Salmon Olive


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