Live, Laugh, Love, Coffee • 15oz Black Coffee Mug


A fun spin on an old favorite saying. Live, Laugh, Love, Coffee. 🌟

This simple yet striking design has been created by our very own laughter loving design team, who totally understands the importance of a good cup of coffee to start your day! 💕 Every day they go above and beyond expectations to find new, colorful and fun ways to create messages of love, kindness and oneness to share with the world; because at Salmon Olive it's kind of our our jam! 💖 We simply love what we do and take great pride that our original designs can only be found in our stores!

You can expect your item to ship out in about 5-7 days and for orders under $35, the shipping cost is only $4.95 in the US and $11.95 pretty much anywhere else in the world.

FUN FACT! Each year a portion of our profits go to agencies who help heal the world, and this year our focus is on the 🐝 Honey Bee Conservancy. (Bee-cause lets face it, without those awesome bees, you wouldn't have any coffee to get your day off to a great start!) 😉

Product Features:

  • 15oz high gloss black ceramic
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Individually printed just for you and shipped from our fab production team in Michigan
  • Designed and created exclusively by ©SalmonOlive
  • Ships in 5-7 days

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