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Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Newborn Swaddle

Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Newborn Swaddle

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Our comfy, cozy organic newborn swaddle blanket is not only a fabulous nursery must-have, it is a time-saver and sanity saver too!

Our fabulous swaddles are designed to gently hold baby in womb-like snugness. Your newborn snuggles happily inside soft, stretchy cotton designed to hold them tightly and reduce their startle reflex so they rest more peacefully and soundly.

Nothing to wrap or snap, no velcro, no zippers and no fuss. So easy to put on baby, it simply slips on like a sock. Made of soft, quality fabric consisting of 95% organic cotton / 5% Lycra. Perfect for everyday use to keep baby cozy and comfy.

Our aim is to design products that help create special moments for you and your newborn.


  • Includes baby cocoon swaddle and matching hat
  • Made of soft, quality fabric - 95% organic cotton / 5% Lycra
  • Fits newborns up to 15 pounds or 3 to 4 months
  • Machine washable
  • Designed and produced in the USA


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